Retro Kitchenware

There’s a lot of modern fittings that define a kitchen. For many, though, the sleek, stylish and expensive trappings of a modern kitchen are also lacking any kind of character. They say more about the budget of your kitchen than about you as a person, and for many, that’s what a kitchen should be about.

Our range of stylish retro kitchenware is the perfect antidote for the passionless and characterless kitchens of the modern world. Whether you’re adding a splash of colour to your kitchen table, throwing up a retro clock on the wall or just adding a couple of retro touches to the room, we have the perfect selection of gifts for all your retro kitchen needs.

One of the things that gives us pause in our busy workday schedules is that little piece of individuality, that little something that we see as our own. Often this is in our homes, before we walk out the door into our mass produced cars, or onto public transport where we’re wearing the same clothes as everyone else. Our home, though, is our chance to express ourselves. Our retro kitchenware adds a touch of humour, a dash of personality and a lot of flavour to your kitchen and, who knows, it might even brighten up your mornings.

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Vintage Aprons

Make sure you ware these gorgeous vintage aprons when preparing delicious food in your Kitchen! Available from £8.95 and up!


Shabby Chic Teapots

Pour deliciously hot tea or your favorite brew from our perfectly designed shabby chic styled teapot available online!


Vintage Mugs

Make your kitchenware cupboard shine with that country kitchen feel by buying these gorgeous sets of vintage mugs


Cute Egg Cups

Too cute for comfort – these egg cups are perfect for giving to friends and family or even loved ones as the perfect gift!

Browse our Glorious Range of Retro Kitchenware

  • Pink Butterfly Apron and Shopping Bag Set


    Pink Butterfly Apron and Shopping Bag Set Bags for life? Who needs them! You don't need a super market logo…

  • Red London Bus Teapot


    This cute London Bus Design Teapot is perfect for every Londoner to remind them what a city they live in!…

  • Butterfly Floral Teapot

    3.03 out of 5

    Our Butterfly Floral Teapot is perfect for hosting the ultimate Shabby Chic Tea Party. This teapot can hold 1 litre,…

  • London Mug Set with Apron and Tea Towel

    2.79 out of 5

    London Mug Set with Apron and Tea Towel If I wanted something touristy in my kitchen I'd have to go big. I'd…

  • Countryside Tea Set by Jan Pashley


    Countryside Tea Set by Jan Pashley If it's cold and wet outside but you still fancy a bit of a…

  • London Teapot


    Love tea? Love London? Then you'll be sure to love this shabby chic London Teapot! Featuring big ben, the famous…

  • Caravan Shaped Teapot

    3.14 out of 5

    This Caravan Shaped Teapot is perfect to enjoy a hot brew on your caravanning holidays! This cute a quirky design…

    Out of stock
  • Sailing Themed Design Mug, Apron and Tea Towel Set By Jan Pashley


    Sailing Themed Design Mug, Apron and Tea Towel Set By Jan Pashley For those of you lucky enough to have…

  • Floral Rose Apron, Tea Towel and Shopping Bag Set


    Floral Rose Apron, Tea Towel and Shopping Bag Set Perfect for that special someone. We've all bought roses before, but…

  • Ireland Themed Apron and Tea Towel Set


    Ireland Themed Apron and Tea Towel Set The luck of the Irish is strong in this set; adorn the tea…

This Retro Kitchenware also makes the perfect gift

Maybe you’re browsing this set of retro kitchenware and seen something that would be perfect for someone you know; perhaps a friend or a relative? There’s no need to wait until someone’s birthday or Christmas to spoil them rotten; what could be more heartwarming than seeing a loved one’s face light up at the sight of one of our retro kitchenware gifts? Go on, give a little joy!

Order your Retro Kitchenware

There’s no time like the present! Order today and our team of Delecto elves will be hard at work preparing your retro kitchenware, boxing it up all beautifully and sending it your way as soon as their little hands can manage!

If you’ve got any questions don’t hesitate to ask our dedicated (and very friendly!) support team! We care about you guys and always want to do better.

  • A broad range of designs to suit all styles.
  • Retro kitchenware from aprons all the way to egg cups.
  • Expressive pieces to brighten up your kitchen and your mornings.
  • Prices to cater to every budget