Pink Dotty Elephant Shaped Ceramic Money Box


Money boxes are always useful whether it’s for adults or kids – it’s always nice to know that you have a little kitty of cash sitting there for the rainy days or bank holidays when wages haven’t went through. This awesome little elephant shaped money box is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to find something unique and interesting, making it nice and asy for you to keep that money same whilst also keeping it charming. Perfect for little kids as well as those who have a love for our trunked companions, making this the ideal gift for all ages!


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Product Description

Pink Dotty Elephant Shaped Ceramic Money Box

Save your pennies in our range of cute and novelty money boxes.

This money box is made from ceramics and so you can save and spend, has a slot in the top and a rubber bung on the bottom. All come in a matching card gift box.


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