Teapots are a familiar sight to anyone who enjoys a freshly brewed up of tea, so it’s no wonder they come in such a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs. Tea may have originated in China, but the teapot shape we all know and love was actually developed in Europe. Additionally, it’s said that the recognisable teapot shape actually came from Islamic coffee pots. Today, they’re known across the UK as an integral part of the traditional afternoon tea and will serve as the ideal vintage touch to tea time.

You may be wondering whether there’s a reason to use a teapot rather than making your cuppa in a mug. Turns out, there may just be! While teapots may be considered old fashioned, it can actually enhance the taste of your brew. So, why does tea taste better from a teapot? By using a teapot, you’re giving the tea leaves or tea bag more time to infuse. You’ll also find it easier to use loose teas, which are often great tasting and higher quality than bags. If you come from a household of tea drinkers or just love to entertain, using a teapot will also be a timesaver. Once the pot has brewed, you’ll have enough tea on hand to serve everyone. Our range of vintage, shabby chic designs will certainly look the part in any country kitchen. With a wide range of designs on offer, there’s no reason not to pick your favourite and host the perfect afternoon tea.

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  • Butterfly Floral Teapot

    3.03 out of 5

    Our Butterfly Floral Teapot is perfect for hosting the ultimate Shabby Chic Tea Party. This teapot can hold 1 litre,…

  • Caravan Shaped Teapot

    3.14 out of 5

    This Caravan Shaped Teapot is perfect to enjoy a hot brew on your caravanning holidays! This cute a quirky design…

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