Salt & Pepper Sets

Salt and Pepper are a staple of any country kitchen table, but you may have find yourself bored with the same old grinders. The way you offer up your condiments is completely up to you, so why not get creative?

Instead of opting for traditional clear glass or simple ceramic, take a look at the variety available here at Delecto Gifts as they’re sure to brighten up your dining experience. Our designs range from adorable animals to shabby chic prints. No matter which set you choose, they all have a level of vintage flair in common. They’re easy to make the most of – simply pop open the lid, add your salt and pepper and you’ll be ready to start shaking them up and adding flavour to your meal. If salt and pepper aren’t your favourites, or if you’re simply torn between two great looking sets, there’s no reason you can’t store other ground condiments and have them on hand to sprinkle on your favourite snacks. Try ground cayenne pepper for a spicy kick or cinnamon for a warm, wintery comforter. A unique salt and pepper set is a simple, affordable way to add a little colour and character to any dining area, so take a look and decide which takes your fancy.

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