Money Boxes

Delecto Gifts stock a wide range of money boxes that will add the perfect touch to your vintage inspired home. Designs have come a long way from the traditional piggy bank. Today, you’ll find dogs, elephants, scooters and robots to keep track of those well-earned coins.

Why not place one on the breakfast table for a country kitchen aesthetic and deposit your change upon arriving home? The pennies will build up before you know it, giving you the perfect reason to treat yourself or your family.
A unique money box will also serve as a beautiful gift, often given to children on their first birthday. They’re also great for kids who show an interest in managing their money, or teenagers who are saving for the latest must-have gadget.

While they may seem like an old fashioned tradition, dedicated money boxes are gaining popularity as people seek to save towards major purchases or luxurious breaks in the sun. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your savings build up by dropping in a pound coin every now and again.

Whether you’re teaching your child the value of a pound or looking back on your own pocket money years, a money box is the perfect retro addition to any shabby chic theme.

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  • Pink Dotty Elephant Shaped Ceramic Money Box


    Money boxes are always useful whether it’s for adults or kids – it’s always nice to know that you have…

  • White Elephant Money Box


    Store spare change and money away in this wild elephant money box, the perfect gift for children, family and friends.