While a door stop is a practical item, you’ll no-doubt want something that looks great and complements any aesthetic from contemporary to vintage. No matter what your style may be, Delecto Gifts offer a variety of quality doorstops to suit your home.

While they may serve as a décor item, door stops also have a helpful purpose. When air passes through rooms, it can flow through doorways if the door is left open even a little. This will naturally cool down the area, which can be an inconvenience if you’re trying to remain warm and cosy throughout the winter.

To stop the door blowing ajar and failing to keep you warm, a door stop is just what you need. They’re heavy enough to keep the door closed and come in a range of styles that won’t look out of place in your home.

Even if the breeze is no concern, door stops are also ideal for keeping the annoying sounds of a loose doorway at bay. When secured with a doorstop, any unnecessary banging or creaking will come to and end.
If you find the chills are passing through from outside specifically, try using a Delecto Gifts doorstop close to the back door. After all, no country kitchen is complete without a touch of shabby chic!

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  • Fox Door Stop

  • Hedgehog DoorStop


    Perfect for keeping the doors open or closed in your household! This cute looking hedgehog door stop would look great…

  • Pug Doorstop