Tealight Spinners

Tea lights are one of the most versatile candles around. They’re not only affordable, but also available in every scent imaginable and are easy to get hold of, so it’s really no wonder they’re so popular. Tea lights were actually designed to heat up tea, or small pots of fondue, but have become staple pieces of décor in homes around the world. While standard, simple tea light holders are readily available from a vast range of retailers, some candle lovers may find themselves in search of something a little more unique.

Some choose to put their tea lights in wine glasses, water or plant pots, but why not search for a shiny new tea light spinner to give your candlelight glow an attractive edge. Delecto Gifts offer a range of vintage and shabby chic tea light spinners in a wide variety of styles, including hearts, sail boats, florals, birdcages, churches and hanging designs to name a few. Choose your favourite today and display it proudly in your home as you stylishly light up the room. The glow of your candle will add a touch of warmth to any country kitchen or home, so take a look at the candle holders on offer and consider the way candles could become a beautiful element of your home.

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